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DEEEER Simulator is free game by producer, Cubicle Ninjas. It’s spin-off of wildly popular GOAT Simulator. It’s essentially same idea, but it just doesn't have same charm or fun factor. Software DEEEER Simulator download is simple game with a simple goal - raise your “wanted” meter that goes from rank D to A. Each rank will have you encounter a new enemy police force, once you reach rank A you can fight a boss. There are two maps to destroy, second is unlocked after defeating wanted rank A and solving “puzzle”.


Interface is simple and straightforward. You can customize your character, pick up weapons, drive cars. Map is easy to navigate and there is no HUD showing how many kills, weapons, or anything of that sort. Unlike GOAT Simulator, DEEEER Simulator game is not difficult to pick up. There are two menus, one showing your stats and other with missions. As you complete missions, your wanted level will go up. You can only unlock second map if you are rank A. Interface is simple tap and drag moved your deer around in a world of chaos. There are no instructions in game, but you’ll figure out that you can control your deer by tapping, dragging, holding right click. Left click lets you shoot. There is system in place to indicate your health and can regenerate when you can’t see your health icon. Interface has a map that you can use to teleport around map to different areas.


You’ll be able to get hang of game fairly quickly, but it can be a little frustrating when you can’t figure out how to do something. Lack of instruction will make it difficult if you’re stuck in a level. Controls are fairly simple DEEEER Simulator for free, but lack of instructions will make it difficult for new players figure out how to do anything. Software is easy to get around, even if it does take some time to get used to. Only thing I could think of that could make it easier is if there was way customize controls to your liking.


Levels are small and there isn’t a ton to do, but there is good variety of weapons and vehicles used to destroyed everything in you path. Features DEEEER Simulator Windows a large variety of weapon and vehicles to used to destroy everything in your path and gameplay is very repetitive, not really deep. There are a few different weapons that you can find, but there is not large variety. Product DEEEER Simulator for PC is basically a vehicle for destruction, which is fine, but it does get boring after a while. Software is pretty simple in functionality, you are just playing role of deer smashing town. There are no missions, no missions finish. You are just exploring levels, gathering weapons, then smashing everything.


I had no issues with soft and it seemed to work well. Features a large variety of weapons and vehicles use to destroy everything in your path, gameplay DEEEER Simulator download for free is very repetitive and not very deep. There is an ending soft, with an end boss fight and even a weird ending cutscene, but there isn’t really cohesive story here. Not having story is completely acceptable though. Not every game needs a narrative and can be just a crazy fun game to play. Developers knew what they were making wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, that’s just fine. Software DEEEER Simulator unblocked has a decent amount of settings for customization. There is tutorial and a prompt if you need to know how to do something. Developers have been working on this for a while and might continue to work on it.


  • Why do I have play DEEEER Simulator download free as a deer?
    You don’t, you can choose to play as a human character you create.
  • I can't find keys to open door in level 2.
    You need find key in level 1.
  • What are controls?
    You can use arrow keys or WASD to move. You can use mouse to look around. You can press left-click to interact with objects and right-click to shoot. You can use scroll wheel to zoom in and out.
  • I'm so frustrated with game.
    If you have any problems or questions please visit forum.


Overall, DEEEER Simulator free download PC is game about a deer decked out like a Gundam, battling a police force made out of sheep, polar bear transformers,rabbit riding inside a hippo’s mouth shooting at you. This is not your typical animal simulator, this is GOAT Simulator spin-off.

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